Stay Active

In this digital Age, Toezone decides to Get Fit by channeling our physical health by switching off screens and getting active. Staying active is one of the aspects of Get Fit that helps you grow properly by giving you stronger bones, muscles, lungs and heart. Meet the Toezone Kids: Josh, Miana, Roman and Siri in this video and let's come up with amazing ways to Stay Active! Follow our adventures in 2017, the road to a healthier life with #ToezoneGetFit.


Stay Bright

Good health starting with a proper fitting shoes is the foundation of what we do at Toezone. Follow our monthly challenges to develop good healthy habits and Get Fit for a bright future! This segment is called Stay Bright where we will focus and improve on the mental health of our children in 2017. Let's develop healthy and creative outlets for them to enhance their abilities in problem-solving, innovation and exploration of new and unfamiliar areas. 


Eat Well

Part of Get Fit is to commit to a healthy diet and eating well in order for the body to function properly! Follow our #ToezoneGetFt monthly challenges to develop a better and healthier nutrition plan!

Get Fit Inspiration: Toezone Squad

Introducing the Toezone Squad! Meet the real people behind the Toezone footwear you know and love! Not only do we encourage you to get fit with us, we encourage the wonderful Toezone family to stay healthy as well.

Click here to Get Fit with us!